You give us your trust, we give you our full attention. Because service means more than technical support to us, service is our quality promise. As a premium producer we know that reliability is one of our most important characteristics. That is why handshake quality plays a huge role to us and our service partners. Your service partner takes care of you individually and responds to any of your needs.


Maintenance and regular servicing extend the service life of the product and ensure maximum safety. You could get fully support from PALFINGER Service Team at our local workshop.



It is not always possible to bring PALFINGER products into the workshop. Sometimes, it is not actually necessary either. That’s because PALFINGER service partners are mobile. This means that they can respond quickly and flexibly and provide expert assistance directly on site. Service partners travel to the construction site in service vehicles equipped with all the special tools and common spare parts needed to perform maintenance and repairs.

Palfinger Georgia offers any warranty service related to crane manipulators, such as:

  • Diagnostics of mechanism and special equipment hydraulic units.
  • Maintenance and repair of cranes and hydraulic manipulators.
  • Installation / dismantling of hydraulic cranes.
  • Maintenance and repair of timber trucks.
  • Maintenance and repair of garbage trucks and compactors.
  • Technical maintenance and repair of dump trucks, hydraulic installation of dump trucks.
  • Maintenance and repair of hydraulic system evacuators.
  • Hydraulic repair. Installation and adjustment of hydraulic equipment.
  • Repair of hydraulic cylinders for forest, road and municipal construction equipment.
  • New! Wheel restoration with machine tool on-site service
  • Installation / dismantling of special equipment (garbage trucks, evacuators, timber trucks, crane-manipulators, garbage trucks).
  • Maintenance and repair of hook loaders.
  • Maintenance and repair of hydraulic cranes.
  • Manufacture of high pressure hoses according to customer size requirements.
  • Move components along the car chassis (fuel tanks, urea tanks, battery boxes, etc.) according to customer requirements.

Boring Machine

With on-site service, our technicians carry out restoration works of damaged arrowheads on construction and road equipment.
By welding / scraping of surface we will restore the original look of arrowheads on excavators, loaders, tractors, cranes and other special equipment (JCB, CAT, BOBCAT, VOLVO, TEREX, HITACHI, Komatsu, New Holland, SDLG, Atlas, SEM, Liebr, etc.)

Main types:
• Repair of excavator (loader) arrow holes on the shaft and axle sockets
• Restoration of hydraulic cylinder brackets (buckets)
• Repair of bearing socket
• Restore balance axes
• Excavator boom recovery
• Excavator handle recovery
• Repair of holes on marine and railway equipment
• Restoration of holes on construction, road and other equipment