WS2 Standard

BORING DIAMETER 22-400 mm (0.87 - 15.75")
WELDING DIAMETER 25-400 mm (0.98 - 15.75")


WS2 model machine is able to work on site, with only one simple set-up, and perform: in-line boring, internal and external overlay welding, drilling, tapping, bringing any type of ovalized or worn hole back to the original dimensions. Statistically the use of this innovative equipment reduces of 85% the machining time.


Broad range of applications
No transport costs
Shorter machining time
Less labour costs
Safe, reliable performance

Control Panel:

The electronic circuit is used to ensure greater operational safety, to safeguard from excessive strain, the rotation motor, in the event of incorrect setting of the parameters and to compensate any critical points during machining. It allows to automatically and proportionally decrease the feed speed to reach the maximum strain point of the rotation motor, in order to dynamically decrease the workload, without exceeding the stop threshold for protection. Thanks to the STP bar , it is possible to know the instantaneous work load of the rotation motor, to choose in an optimal way , the operation parameters (rotation speed and feed speed) based on the hardness of the material, the type of installed tool, the working diameter and the diameter of removal of the tool. Power supply 110 ~ 220V 50/60 Hz with self-selection of the mains voltage, without the use of transformers or inverters, eliminating any ESPS ® electromagnetic interference, electronic management  of the torque of the two motors with electromechanical synchronization, rotation revs display,  acoustic  warning with error code rotation motor display, feed revs display, acoustic warning with error code feed motor display.
Main switch
Emergency switch
right/left inverter
right/left rotation inverter
Potentiometer for rotation settings
Potentiometer for feeding settings
Switch for rapid translation shaft